Lecturing at New York University
Ms Kapoti is deeply honoured to have received an invitation by the distinguished Musicologist, Dr Michael Beckerman, Chairman of the Music department at New York University to give lectures on Conducting and Performance Practice to graduates at New York University in Manhattan USA.

Augustina Kapoti is that rare talent who combines action and reflection in perfect balance. Ιn all of her music making she brings her signature combination of enthusiasm, planning, skill and power. She is a force to be reckoned with and is a conductor with a marvelous future.

Dr Michael Beckerman
Chair of the Department of Music at New York University, New York- USA
Carroll and Milton Petrie Professor of Music
Collegiate Professor of Music

Guest lecturer at Berklee College of Music, Boston
Ms Kapoti has been repeatedly invited by Composer Dr Panagiotis Liaropoulos to give lectures and Masterclasses on Orchestral Conducting, a collaboration which continues to the present.

I would like to emphasize Ms. Kapotis’ flawless technique, refined understanding of the different musical styles, remarkable versatility, and unparalleled sensitivity. I have seen her conduct numerous times and I believe that her interpretations were mature, stylistically informed, and of a unique character. Regarding her academic skills, Mrs. Kapoti impressed me from our first meeting as a very committed and serious individual. She is intelligent, hard-working, serious, enthusiastic, and a critical thinker.

Dr Panagiotis Liaropoulos
Professor in the Composition department at Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts USA

Orchestral Conducting Masterclass with Augustina Kapoti at International Portoheli Festival
Augustina is actively involved in teaching conducting herself and in 2021 she was invited by the International Portoheli Festival and Dr Grigorios Zamparas to found the Orchestral Conducting Masterclass and teach undergraduates from the University Tampa  USA as well as students from around the world.

From the very first time Ms Kapoti struck me as a very passionate teacher who brings a fresh and precise pedagogical approach to her teaching. In the Orchestral Conducting Masterclass she taught, it was obvious that she very quickly adjusted to the needs of each student creating a very supportive atmosphere and a safe environment for the students to learn’.

Dr Grigorios Zamparas
Professor of Music; Director of Piano Studies at the University of Tampa USA